Two car crashes in swift succession

Tow trucks had a busy afternoon in Bendigo, with two crashes during peak hour traffic.

A car and a van collided at the intersection of High Street and Don Street shortly before 5pm.

Police said one of the vehicles was turning as the lights turned amber, while the other was continuing straight. 

Though both vehicles sustained extensive damage, there were no injuries. 

Meanwhile, emergency services were called to the intersection of McCrae Street and Arnold Street for another two-car crash.

Sam Billett and Brad Walder said their car was rear-ended by a white ute as they drove down McCrae Street. 

They had been driving in the vicinity of a highway patrol vehicle.

Mr Walder said the driver of the ute, “freaked out and started to drive forward, straight into us.”

The man then got out of the car and tried to run away.

He was arrested by police shortly afterwards and taken to Bendigo Police Station. 

Neither Mr Billett nor Mr Walder were injured in the crash, though both vehicles were severely damaged.