Bobs street on hold

THE CITY of Greater Bendigo is taking a “wait and see” approach to the speeding problem in Bobs Street. 

The council will see how the realignment of Heywood Street affects traffic flow along Bobs Street, with hopes it will stem the flow of hoon drivers. 

Forty-six residents signed a petition urging the council to install speed humps along the street at a cost of about $60,000. 

But councillors, noting that speed bumps were annoying for local residents, voted in favour of taking no action. 

Most residents told the Bendigo Advertiser they would prefer speed humps, but said the road realignment could ease the problem. 

Peter Tuohey said the latest craze was for drivers to speed over the Powell Street train tracks and get airborne. 

“You get people that are not so good drivers, and you only need a kid to run in front of a car,” he said.  

“It’s the people who are getting speed up that won’t like the speed humps.”

Siri Porn said she was concerned her three young children were in danger. 

“The speed humps are a good idea, but if the Heywood plan diverts traffic, both could be a good idea,” she said. 

“I’d really like to see speed humps here ... I don’t let the kids out of the gate but once they get older and want to ride around I’ll be a bit worried.”

Jo Thurley said a speeding drunk driver had crashed into her neighbour’s house about two years ago and said the problem was increasing. 

Kevin Cordell has lived on Bobs Street for more than a decade and said something needed to change. 

“They go like the clappers,” he said. 

“It would be 10 to 12 speeding drivers each day. 

“Speed humps would be good but the realignment could also be alright.”

The Heywood Street realignment is expected to start in November.

FED UP: White Hills residents Peter Tuohey and Kevin Cordell. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY

FED UP: White Hills residents Peter Tuohey and Kevin Cordell. Picture: JIM ALDERSEY