Drunk Huntly teenager ‘sucked in’ to attacking stranger

A group of rowdy teenagers attacked a stranger with pieces of wood because he dared tell them to stop making noise in a residential street at 3am, a court has heard.

One of the trio, Ryan Little, 19 of Huntly, faced the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday pleading guilty to one charge of recklessly causing injury.

Prosecuting, Leading Senior Constable Lindsay Riley said Little and his two friends were partying at a house on Prouses Road, North Bendigo, when they were asked to leave because of their level of intoxication.

“At 3am a neighbour heard a loud noise and saw three people pushing over bins in the street,” he said.

“He told them to have some respect for the sleeping neighbours.”

Leading Senior Constable Riley said one of Little’s co-accused then punched the man to the chin then the other hit him to the back of the head with a piece of wood.

The group then wrestled and the victim received cuts and bruises in the assault.

Little’s lawyer said his client had drunk a “large amount of white wine” before the incident.

“Mr Little admits to approaching the victim and picking up a bit of wood,” he said. “He said he might have struck the victim to the back but said that was to get him off.”

Leading Senior Constable said he accepted Little had good rehabilitation prospects. “It looks like something that just got out of control,” he said.

Magistrate John Lesser said it seemed Little had been “sucked in” to the offending.

Mr Lesser placed Little on a six-month undertaking of good behaviour without conviction and ordered him to make a $250 donation to the court fund.