Bendigo student Cruize calls for change

Bendigo Senior Secondary College year 12 student Cruize Booth loves his hometown, but there are still things he would like to change about it.

Cruize is one of several Bendigo teenagers urging young people to get involved in the City of Greater Bendigo’s latest youth survey.

More all-ages concerts and recreational activities are at the top of his list, but Cruize says he’s just one person and wants other people to have their say too.

The city’s youth development team is hoping to hear from 12 to 25-year-olds about the best local opportunities as well as the issues they face.

Youth development co-ordinator Kylie Emonson said the survey would help the city respond to future needs of young people in Bendigo.

“All of the information obtained from the survey results plus some additional research that we have been conducting, will be used to develop a youth strategy,” Ms Emonson said.

“This strategy will guide the city in its mission to continue to provide meaningful opportunities for young people in the future and to determine what our role should be. 

“The city is committed to providing a range of youth engagement opportunities in order to promote and support young people’s active participation in all aspects of community life.”

The project is being overseen by a steering group of council staff and representatives of the education and community sectors. 

Cruize said it was important for young people to have a hand in shaping their communities too.

“Bendigo needs some changes for the youth and it’s good for young people to know they can help make the change just by filling the survey,” he said.

“It’s about reaching the goal of making Bendigo a better place to live.”

To access the survey visit the YoBendigo website at or Facebook page and follow the links. The survey will be open until October 19 and the aim is to get 3700 responses. 

As part of the survey process, a workshop is being held in Heathcote on Friday from 5.30pm at the Neighbourhood House.