Going Solo initiative launches

CREATIVE: Artist Carolyn Dew at the Bendigo Art Gallery. Picture: GRACE SERPELL
CREATIVE: Artist Carolyn Dew at the Bendigo Art Gallery. Picture: GRACE SERPELL

I'm not a well-known artist so it is nice to have that boost of confidence.

Carolyn Dew

CAROLYN Dew is a Bendigo-based artist who received an exciting opportunity to showcase her photography work in a solo exhibition.

She is also the first recipient of the Bendigo Art Gallery's inaugural Going Solo initiative.

The initiative supports artists from the Bendigo region by offering them a solo show in the gallery.

For Ms Dew, the opportunity has come during a successful career teaching photography and hosting community projects, among other things.

Photography has been a favourite hobby for Ms Dew during her life.

After travelling Australia for work, Ms Dew has returned to her home town of Bendigo.

Her most recent works looked at normal home decorator items and the memories they held for their owners.

Ms Dew has also been working on a new exhibition for the Going Solo initiative.

"I have been looking at the connection between loss and decorator items," she said.

"Particularly the use of decorator items in cemeteries."

She said the exhibition looked at how people document the memories of their loved ones.

The exhibition looked at the decay of material objects in a cemetery.

Ms Dew said the Going Solo competition gave her a chance to gain much-needed support in her field.

"Everyone wants to be wanted," she said.

"I'm not a well-known artist so it is nice to have that boost of confidence."

Bendigo Art Gallery senior curator Leanne Fitzgibbon said Ms Dew was a worthy recipient.

Ms Fitzgibbon said the gallery had worked with many solo artists prior to the formalisation of the process.

She said the Going Solo initiative was designed to support and build relationships with the region's up-and-coming artists.

"We can help the artist develop their practice and then showcase the best of it," Ms Fitzgibbon said.

"It is a major step, for most people, to get a solo exhibition.

"It can open up many other options."

The gallery are calling for artists living and working in central Victoria to submit an exhibition proposal for consideration.

One artist will be chosen to work closely with gallery staff to develop their proposal.

To apply to next year's Going Solo artist exhibition, visit bendigoartgallery.com.au/goingsolo for an application form.

Applications close on Friday, November 7.