Rottweiler's fate hangs in the balance

WORRIED: Nicole Singleton, who will face court on Thursday, is worried her dog will be destroyed.
WORRIED: Nicole Singleton, who will face court on Thursday, is worried her dog will be destroyed.

THE owner of a Rottweiler that attacked a woman in Bendigo says she is worried her dog will be destroyed.

Nicole Singleton, 29, has been charged with Section 29 (4) of the Domestic Animals Act, relating to a dog biting a person and causing a serious injury, and one count of failing to register the dog with the City of Greater Bendigo.

She will answer charges in Bendigo Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Ms Singleton said she loved her dog, Rocky, and would be heartbroken to lose him.

"I'm nervous ... I'm worried he will be put down," she said. "He's my son's dog and we'd all be upset.

"Dogs are man's best friend and he's part of the family."

Ms Singleton visited Rocky at the RSPCA on Tuesday, where he has been impounded since July 30.

She said she "played around" with her pet and enjoyed seeing him.

She said she was hoping the court would order the animal to be returned to her.

"I'd be over the moon," she said.

A City of Greater Bendigo spokeswoman would not confirm whether the council would advocate for Rocky to be put down.

"The city could not pre-empt the outcome of the court case," she said.

The incident occurred on July 29 on Arnold Street.

Victim Liza-Jane Purtill, 44, approached Ms Singleton, who was walking Rocky about 6pm.

Ms Purtill said the dog lunged at her and latched onto her right arm, dragging her to the ground. 

Ms Purtill, who previously worked with aggressive dogs with a council in Geelong, said instinct kicked in. 

"I knew to stop, play dead and not aggravate the dog in anyway - just basically let him have my arm," she said. 

Ms Purtill had to have surgery on her arm following the attack and required two weeks off work.

City of Greater Bendigo parking and animal control manager Neville Zimmer said the attack was the most severe case the council had registered in the past 12 months.