Home-grown short film launch

FILMING: Shaniqua Bysouth, David WIlliams and Tetiya Bysouth.

FILMING: Shaniqua Bysouth, David WIlliams and Tetiya Bysouth.

It's being touted as the funniest film you'll see this year.

Glad Rap Daze is an original indigenous short film, made in Bendigo and featuring a cast of young aboriginal performers.

Film co-director Wayne Tindall said film, which launches at 6pm on Sunday night with a red carpet event at Bendigo Cinemas, addressed a host of issues for rural indigenous kids with heart and humour.

"We spoke to BDAC about how to engage young people on real issues - you start talking about boredom and double standards in the communitiy and everyone yawns," Mr Tindall said.

"But they were very enthusiastic about the idea of making a film, so we let them create it about anything they wanted to, knowing that they would draw on their own experiences of drugs, racism and living in a rural town.

"There are some serious issues there but it's done hilariously."

Mr Tindall said the project was a joint venture between Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative and film companies Change the World and NBS Productions.

Co-directed by performer David Williams, the film engaged cast and crew between the ages of 16 and early 20s and took about nine months to complete.

Mr Tindall said the goal of the project was to promote and improve the health of young aboriginal people.

"A lot of them are facing real issues, and this is probably the first time some of them have actually started and finished a project," he said.

"That gives them self-esteem and self-esteem brings healing, it brings health.

"How do you improve the health of young aboriginal people? Make them feel good about themselves, you can't do that by preaching."

The premiere film screening is at 6pm on Sunday, August 31 at Bendigo Cinemas, 107 Queen Street, Bendigo. Entry is free.