Good morning Bendigo - 29.08.14

Hello weekend! (Almost). 

Good morning to everyone out there. It's Friday!

What have you got planned for the sunny weekend ahead? I hope it's a beauty. 

And because it's the King of Pop's birthday, here's a very cool video for your morning to celebrate his life and talent. 

A sunny top of 20 degrees today. 

No reported delays on the Bendigo line. 

It's not every day a burning truck arrives on the doorstep, but that's exactly what happened last night at the Kangaroo Flat Fire Station.

Three people have been arrested for allegedly attacking police during a rowdy, aggressive protest by opponents of the East West Link outside a Liberal Party election fundraising event.

Shortly after the missing Malaysian airliner disappeared from radar, airline officials on the ground tried repeatedly to call the crew of the Boeing 777 using a satellite phone that might have left clues to the jet's flight path.

Now an analysis of those failed attempts to reach Flight 370 could alter the search for the plane.

1792 - At least 900 die when the British warship Royal George sinks at Spithead while repairs are being carried out just below the waterline.

1874 - French performer Blondin walks tightrope across Sydney Harbour.

1882 - English cricketers lose to Australia on English soil for the first time - a mock obituary in the Sporting Times then declares the death of English cricket, saying its ashes will be taken to Australia, the origin of the "Ashes" trophy.

1885 - First motorcycle, built by Gottlied Daimler in Germany, is patented.

1964 - Roy Orbison releases the song Pretty Woman.

1972 - North and South Korean Red Cross officials meet in North Korea openly for the first time to discuss reuniting divided families.

1998 - A Cuban aeroplane bursts into flames and crashes during take-off from Quito, Ecuador, killing 79 people.

2010 - Some 120 detainees set mattresses on fire, brandish poles on a roof in riot at Darwin's Northern Immigration Detention Centre.

Oliver Wendell, US physician, educator and author (1809-1894)

Andrew Fisher, Australian prime minister (1862-1928)

Richard Attenborough, British actor-director (1923-2014)

Michael Jackson, US pop star (1958-2009)

Charlie Pickering, Australian comedian (1977-)

Why was there thunder and lightning in the lab?

The scientists were brainstorming!

What would you be eating if you were served calamari?

Enchiladas were originally part of which country’s cooking?

In which film did Tom Hanks play a simple hero with a heart of gold?

Carbohydrates are made up of carbon, hydrogen and what?

What does the V stand for in the fertility treatment IVF?

Australia is the only continent without an active volcano

1. Squid 2. Mexico 3. Forrest Gump 4. Oxygen 5. Vitro

Have a good day Bendigonians. 


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