Medical marijuana: Mother pens heartfelt letter after supplier jailed

FAMILY: Cheri and Tara O'Connell. Picture: PETER WEAVING
FAMILY: Cheri and Tara O'Connell. Picture: PETER WEAVING

Mia Mia mother Cheri O'Connell penned this letter to the Bendigo Advertiser soon after the man who supplies life-saving medical cannabis oil for her daughter Tara, 9, was sentenced to jail in a New South Wales court. Tara has gone from 200 seizures a day to zero...


Today, I sat in a court room waiting to hear whether Tony Bower would be allowed to continue saving our children's lives.

We knew there was a chance he would be jailed but that reality really never sank in.

Not until the magistrate started talking about how dangerous cannabis is and it causes mental health issues.  

Well if he took one look at my child he would see her mental health is a 1000 times on what it was on pharmacy drugs.

I plead to the government DO NOT LET TARA DIE!

We are just parents trying to save our children.

We want like any parent to do what is right for our children.

I plead to you let me talk in parliament, meet my child who is alive today due to the bravery of Tony Bower.

I would like the opportunity to share our story with the Prime Minister and the Federal Health Minister.

We will fight to the end but sadly it seems that end will come when Tony is jailed.

Our child was already give a life sentence when diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Whether Tara lives a day a month or a year once Mullaways is no longer available, we will keep fighting. We will not ever use pharmacy drugs again.

We will be forever grateful for the time Mullaways have given us with our child.

When she finally does pass (if she has no access to tincture) we will be left with the sad reality that our own government killed her.

And for this I would pursue to the top.

We would not deny a diabetic insulin but everyday the government denies my child access to life saving treatment that is simply helping her body with something it isn't able to do itself.


Signed with a heavy heart

Cheri O'Connell

Mother to Tara and Sean (and jasmine)

Mia Mia


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