Good Morning Bendigo - 24.08.14

Good Morning Bendigo!

I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

But of course Sunday is day two of the weekend, not long before the working week begins afresh... 

Do you feel like this panda on Sundays? 

To get a sense of the past week across Australia, enjoy these fantastic shots by Bendigo Addy and other newspaper photographers: The week in pictures 

A top of 16 degrees and mostly sunny. For details, click here.  

Coach services are still replacing trains today. 

A blacklist of registered migration agents and lawyers the Department of Immigration tried to keep secret has been reproduced online, escalating calls for an inquiry and a possible class action against the department.

The Law Council of Australia and the Migration Institute of Australia have requested urgent meetings with departmental heads, after one of three such lists was published on a website revealing the identities of 21 agents, most of whom have never had sanctions or actions against them.

The federal government will examine slashing billions of dollars worth of research funding from universities if Parliament blocks its sweeping higher education changes.

University vice-chancellors are alarmed by the "doomsday scenario", which they say would damage Australia's $10 billion export market for international university students.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne plans to introduce legislation into the House of Representatives on Thursday to deregulate university fees, cut course funding by an average 20 per cent and increase the interest charged on student loans.

Crown Casino has been operating as a secret bank for some of the country's biggest gamblers, exploiting a legal loophole to lend tens of millions of dollars in chips despite a government ban on offering credit to locals.

The allegations that the casino is circumventing state gambling laws comes as Crown was last week granted a 17-year extension to its licence that will deliver a major boost to the number of pokies and gaming tables and an end to the so-called "super tax" levied on VIP players at the venue.

Before he enters the makeshift hospital wards at Sierra Leone's Ebola treatment centre - the largest of its kind in the world - Malcolm Hugo spends several minutes dressing for the job.

The psychologist layers up in a plastic bodysuit, chlorine-rinsed white gumboots, hood, mask, rubber apron, plastic gloves and goggles.As the Australian approaches bedridden patients carrying Ebola, not a millimetre of skin is exposed to the potential harm of the deadly virus.

He says it is too hot to wear the protective outfit for more than half an hour. But it is more impractical in another, more important way: if a patient is too sick to walk, they are normally too sick to talk.

North Albury coach Jason Akermanis is the subject of a landmark complaint for breaching the AFL Victoria cyber safety policy.

The complaint against the triple Brisbane premiership player and Brownlow medallist has been lodged with the Ovens and Murray Football-Netball League, which is expected to announce an investigation next week.

AFL North East Border has made the complaint after its umpire development manager Mark Bywater was the alleged target of repeated abuse from Akermanis.

1872 - Australia's state governments decide to monopolise all new railway construction; Melbourne's Prince of Wales Opera House opens.

1891 - Patent for the motion picture camera filed by Thomas Edison.

1916 - The Australian Comforts Fund, a scheme to send care parcels to overseas personnel, is set up.

1932 - Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly nonstop across the United States, travelling from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey, in 19 hours.

1975 - Royal Commission in Australia finds women in public service work in poor conditions and are underpaid with limited promotion prospects; Death sentences on former Greek prime minister Georgios Papadopoulos and two other leaders of the 1967 coup are commuted to life imprisonment.

1994 - Australian distance swimmer Kieren Perkins smashes both 800 metre and 1500 metre world records in the same race when he wins gold in the Commonwealth Games 1500m freestyle, leading Australia to a record medal haul.

2006 - Scientists from around the world approved a new definition of a planet, downgrading Pluto's status to a "dwarf planet."

2012 - A court in Norway finds Anders Behring Breivik, a 33-year-old right-wing extremist, guilty of terrorism and premeditated murder for twin attacks on a government headquarters and a youth camp that left 77 people dead, most of them teenagers

George Stubbs, English painter (1724-1806)

William I of Orange, King of the Netherlands (1772-1843)

Kenny Baker, English actor, Star Wars' R2D2 (1934-)

Alex O'Loughlin, Australian actor (1976-)

Rupert Grint, English actor (1988-)

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body.

What is aioli flavoured with?

What type of sauce was named after the Marquis de Bechamel?

Which historical figure was “Braveheart”?

What was the name of Andie McDowell’s character in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”?

In which decade of last century was Margaret Thatcher born?

Answers: 1. Garlic 2. White sauce 3. William Wallace 4. Carrie 5. 1920’s

What did you get for christmas?

A mouth organ, its the best present I've ever had.


My mum gives me extra pocket money every week not to play it!

Have a lovely day!



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