Switched on to detail

The Bendigo Advertiser is continuing to publish a series of profiles on some of the people helping to build the new Bendigo Hospital.

A SHARP eye for detail and excellent organisational skills have held Joey Ryan in good stead for her job as a project support officer for the new Bendigo hospital.

When completed, in 2016, it will be the largest regional hospital in Victoria, with seven storeys and 372 inpatient beds.

Ms Ryan, 25, points to a large swathe of design blueprints.

On any given day she will have to meticulously sort through dozens of them, making sure each gets to the appropriate department and all expected items have arrived.

She will then liaise with hospital staff to ensure the designs meet their expectations and hopes, taking their requests back to the designers if there are any changes they require.

"It's quite detailed," Ms Ryan says.

"I like to be organised."

Indeed, despite having no previous experience in design, Ms Ryan's job requires her to have an intimate understanding of each nook and cranny, including its functionality and how it will affect working conditions.

Working on a project of this size is incredible.

Joey Ryan

If a doctor requests additional power points for equipment, for example, Ms Ryan must have a thorough understanding of why this is required, in order to communicate the message to designers.

"Working on a project of this size is incredible," she says. 

"I love helping the staff develop their design - they've actually designed their departments, they should be so proud."

Ms Ryan first started working in Bendigo Health two years ago in the human resources department, perhaps explaining why she enjoys liasing with a wide range of people.

"I enjoy working with Bendigo Health staff because I enjoy learning off them," she says. "It's understanding different areas of Bendigo Health that I haven't worked in."

Ms Ryan's role also involves general office support and management and collating data to present to stakeholders.

Seeing the designers work their magic has inspired Ms Ryan, so much so that she will soon embrace her creative side and embark on an online design course.

Ms Ryan says it is satisfying to see the hospital project come together.

"I look forward to seeing the end result of everyone's dedicated hard work and the Greater Bendigo region having access to a world-class facility," she says.


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