Costerfield crusher claims retracted

MANDALAY Resources has confirmed there is no roof on the Costerfield mine crusher, which residents believe is causing the dust pollution in the area. 

High antimony levels found in livestock living near the Costerfield mine have heightened resident concern regarding the believed pollution caused by the mine.

Many residents living nearby have also been found with high antimony in their system.

Antimony is a naturally concurring, toxic metal. The long term health effects are unknown. 

Mandalay Resources sustainability manager Andrew Mattiske was quoted in the Bendigo Advertiser on August 6 saying the crusher had a roof on it. 

But he has since retracted his quote, confirming there is currently no roof. 

"The roof has been ordered and will be installed at the end of August," he said. 

"The decision to include the roof and relocate the crusher comes as we review the potential source of dust."

He said while relocating the crusher further away from operations would be an inconvenience, it would be worthwhile. 

"It comes with our ongoing work to look at future monitoring programs with the Victorian government," Mr Mattiske said.

The company will also use air monitors to investigate the cause of antimony in the area and says it will continue to offer bottled water to residents who have been affected.

"We have consultants looking at the scope of further monitoring programs," he said. 

"While we do understand there are health concerns, we don't necessarily know what  has caused the elevated levels of antimony in the area."


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