Drink-driver banned for five years

A DRUNK driver who flipped his car into a power pole and was so violent he had to be restrained by police blew more than five times the legal alcohol limit, a court has heard.

Sean Moyle, 21, had been drinking whiskey for most of the day when he got behind the wheel of his car and crashed in Kangaroo Flat on April 30 this year.

The former Bendigo man lost control of the car as he turned into Luxton Terrace from Neil Street and collided with a power pole.

The car lifted off the ground, traveled up the pole's guide wire to a height of 4.2 metres, rotated to a vertical position and hit the pole with the roof of the car, the court heard.

When the car fell to the ground, landing on all four wheels, Moyle tried to crawl out the window and flee the scene.

Police prosecutor First Constable Lauren Sullivan told the court Moyle became verbally abusive to police officers and was so violent he had to be restrained with the help of two passers-by, before being taken to hospital in the police divisional van.

He was found in possession of 0.3 grams of cannabis, had cannabis in his system, and registered a blood alcohol content reading of 0.276 - more than five times the legal limit.

The court heard Moyle had never held a drivers licence but had been caught drink-driving less than three months earlier.

Police pulled Moyle over near the intersection of High and Short Streets in Bendigo shortly before 4am on February 15 this year and charged him with unlicensed driving and drink-driving after he blew 0.128.

On Thursday, Moyle pleaded guilty at Bendigo Magistrates Court to 14 charges including two counts each of unlicensed driving and drink-driving and one count each of careless driving, resisting police and failing a drug blood test.

Defence lawyer Peter Baker told the court his client had struggled to cope with a relationship breakdown and being retrenched from work and had begun drinking heavily. 

He said Moyle had no recollection of the crash, but was aware his behaviour could have killed someone.

The court heard Moyle was placed in an induced coma after suffering injuries in the collision. 

Mr Baker said his client was still a young man who had positive work opportunities and family support in Melbourne and could benefit from a non-custodial sentence.

Magistrate David Faram ordered Moyle complete a 12-month community corrections order with 100 hours of unpaid work, and warned him he was close to being imprisoned.

"That's one large step from going to jail," Mr Faram told him.

"At the end of all of this hopefully you'll be able to move on with your life ... (but) you won't be able to drive for a significant period of time."

Mr Faram disqualified Moyle for five years, six months longer than the mandatory minimum.