Ice, frost and the big freeze: Photos

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UPDATE SUNDAY 10am: Sunday morning is the coldest morning in Bendigo since June 28, 2010 the Bureau of Meteorology says.

Duty forecaster Dean Sgarbossa said the temperature dropped to minus 4 degrees at 6.36am. 

He said statistics showed the same temperature of minus 4.0 degrees had not been seen in the area for more than four years. 

He said the reason for the below freezing conditions was because of a "vigorous" cold front that moved across the state on Friday.

A strong high pressure system came over Victoria on Saturday resulting in clear skies, which led to low overnight and morning temperatures on Sunday, Mr Sgarbossa said.

The expected maximum temperature for Sunday is 12 degrees.

Mr Sgarbossa said there was a severe frost warning yesterday.

He said frost warnings were significant for farmers because of potential damage to crops. 

Bendigo will see similar conditions on Monday morning, with an expected temperature of minus 2 degrees. 

Mr Sgarbossa said the next seven days in Bendigo were likely to be shower-free, sunny and clear.

"You can expect quite nice conditions other than the low temperatures, it's sunny day today with light winds, so quite pleasant," he said.

"A beautiful way to start the week."

UPDATE noon: If you think it was a tad chilly this morning, brace yourself for what could be one of the coldest mornings of the year tomorrow.

The mercury is tipped to drop to -2 degrees overnight tonight and Sunday night, with severe frosts forecast.

If the prediction is correct, Bendigonians will need to rug up as the city gets close to the coldest day of 2014.

Bendigo registered its three coldest days of the year in July with temperatures of -1.7, -1.8 and -2.1.

From Wednesday, we can expect morning temperatures to hover around 1 degree, with wind speeds due to pick up to up to 20km/h during the day. 

But, while we won’t be able to put away our winter woollies for some time yet, we can expect some warmer days in the coming week.

The city is expected to reach tops of between 12 and 14 degrees with mostly sunny conditions every day until Friday.

“The coldest air has probably come through yesterday and we’ll see an improvement from today onwards,” Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Stephen King said.

“With the wind easing out, it certainly won’t feel too cold for the next few days.”

UPDATE 10.50AM: Kyneton teenager Caitlin Jones shivered through frosty conditions yesterday to catch her second glimpse of snow in just a couple of weeks.

Caitlin, 16, said Kyneton was treated to a light snow fall during the afternoon, but said it didn't stick around for long.

"There wasn't much of it really, but it was freezing, it was 4 degrees and below for the whole day," she said.

"It was very cloudy and dark during the day, and (the snow) was only for a few minutes, it didn't really settle down."

She said it was great to experience snow in the town, but said she'd like more warning so she could properly prepare.

"I think a few weeks ago when it snowed was the first time I've seen it here. It was something different, it doesn't really happen often," Caitlin said.

"It think it would be good (if it snowed more), but a warning to rug up and get excited about it would be good."

UPDATE 9.40AM: A cold front which swept through central Victoria yesterday bringing heavy winds and rain has caused havoc on the region’s road.

Black ice has been reported on roads including the Calder Freeway this morning, as temperatures fell to -0.2 degrees overnight.

“Really cold air coming through yesterday and overnight, and also a few showers pushing up into those parts of Victoria, would have helped keep conditions wet and damp,” Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Stephen King said.

“With really low temperatures, it would have just frozen the water on the surfaces of the roads.”

Jackson Hayes sent us a picture of the black ice on the Calder Freeway near a crash site at 7.30am today.

Check out our photo gallery for Jackson’s photo.

UPDATE 9.15AM: We hear snow fell in Kyneton yesterday, but we'd like to see some proof.

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Stephen King said snow was falling at down to about 350 metres yesterday which should have covered the Kyneton area.

"There would have been quite a bit, it wasn't just falling and melting away, it was settling on the ground and would have lasted most of the day," Mr King said.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there was still snow on the ground this morning."

UPDATE 8.30AM: The Bendigo region has woken to another big chill this morning with black ice warnings, crashes and a 'rip snorter' frost.

Police have warned of the danger of black ice on the Calder Freeway from Big Hill onwards with several crashes reported.

Residents have also taken to social media to share pictures of the big frost.

Damian Wells tweeted pictures of what he described as 'the biggest frost we have seen in a long time' at Flora Hill.

Dion Costigan described the frost as a 'rip snorter'.

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