UPDATE: South Bendigo v Gisborne

South Bendigo captain Aaron Connaughton.

South Bendigo captain Aaron Connaughton.

Gisborne young gun Patrick McKenna.

Gisborne young gun Patrick McKenna.

A WEEK after a stunning victory, South Bendigo is back on Queen Elizabeth Oval for Saturday's clash with Gisborne in round 14 of the Bendigo Football League season.

The Bloods go in as underdogs against the third-placed Gisborne.

South's midfield led by Aaron Connaughton, Daniel Frew and Jayke Barrack will play crucial roles in and around the packs.

A strong Gisborne line-up includes Casey Summerfield, Ben Sonogan, Tom Waters and Anthony Belcher.

Final score: Gisborne 15.18 (108) d South Bendigo 1.7 (13).

Fourth quarter, 22nd minute: Rushed point for Bloods. Gisborne leads 107-13.

Fourth quarter, 21 minutes: Gisborne leads 107-12.

Fourth quarter, 19th minute: Rushed point for Bloods. Gisborne leads 106-12.

Fourth quarter, 17 mins: Tom May's goal caps excellent run and teamwork off half-back and through middle of ground. Gisborne leads 106-11.

Fourth quarter, 11 mins: Ben Sonogan goals for Gisborne. Play set up by Tom May's persistence to beat two opponents at half-forward. Dogs lead 100-11.

Fourth quarter, 7th minute: Shaun Comerford goals on run. Dogs lead 94-11.

Fourth quarter, 6th minute: Snap by Kane Grbac rolls through goal. Gisborne leads 88-11.

Three quarter-time: Gisborne 11.14 (80) leads South Bendigo 1.5 (11).

A 69-point lead for Gisborne at quarter to go,

This term was similar to first in which Bloods did all the early attacking before Gisborne wrested control.

Pat McKenna, three goals, has shown he does not need a lot of possessions to do some damage.

Third quarter, 28 mins: Another Gisborne goal. Dogs lead 79-11.

Third quarter, 26 mins: Pat McKenna snaps third goal to cap excellent teamwork at contest 30m from goal. Gisborne leads 73-11.

Third quarter, 23rd minute: Gisborne's Tom May goals on run from near 50m arc at centre half-forward. Dogs lead 67-11.

Third quarter, 19 mins: The classy Casey Summerfield goals on run in pocket. Gisborne leads 60-11.

Third quarter, 18 mins: Another Gisborne point. Dogs lead 54-11.

Third quarter, 17 mins: Gisborne point from set-shot. Dogs lead 53-11.

Third quarter, 14th minute: Shot by South's Ben Jones hits post. Gisborne leads 52-11.

Third quarter, 10 mins: Gisborne leads 52-10.

Third quarter, 7th minute: Rushed point for Bloods. Gisborne leads 52-9.

Third quarter, 5th minute: Point from set-shot is South's first score in long time. Dogs lead 52-8

Third quarter, 3rd minute: Gisborne leads 52-7.

Half-time: Gisborne 7.9 (51) leads South Bendigo 1.1 (7).

It's no goalfest for the Bulldogs, but their effort to keep South to just one goal in a half is outstanding.

South had few scoring chances in second quarter as Gisborne won majority of stoppages and often had a spare team-mate to link up with.

Second quarter, 25th minute: Gisborne well on top, 51-7.

Quarter-time: Gisborne 3.5 (23) leads South Bendigo 1.1 (7). Great start by Bloods as their pressure forced turnovers in midfield or wayward kicks by Gisborne to half-forward.

Gisborne began to win a lot more contests which was reflected in eight scoring shots to two.

Second quarter, 19th minute: Ethan Minns marks on lead and goals. Gisborne leads 50-7.

Second quarter, 16th minute: Jarrad Lynch wins contest near top of goalsquare and boots Gisborne's sixth goal. Dogs lead 43-7.

Second quarter, 15 mins: Gisborne doing plenty of attacking and leads 37-7.

Second quarter, 11 mins: Pat McKenna snaps his second goal. Gisborne leads 36-7.

Second quarter, 6 mins: Snapshot by Gisborne's Shaun Comerford bounces through for goal. Dogs lead 30-7.

First quarter, 27th minute: Terrific contested mark by Gisborne's Pat McKenna just seconds before siren. He kicks Gisborne's third unanswered goal to now lead by 16 points.

First quarter, 20 mins: Gisborne leads 15-7.

First quarter, 13th minute: Great goal by Gisborne's Andre Headberry. Dogs lead 15-7.

First quarter, 10 mins: Gisborne leads 9-7.

First quarter, 8th minute: South leads 7-3. Bloods' pressure outstanding.

First quarter, 4 mins: South Bendigo's Josh Whelan goals from goalsquare to cap quick transition from defensive kick-in. Bloods lead 7-1.