Police urge drivers take care in fog

Tristan Dane sent us this picture during the foggy day in Bendigo earlier this month.
Tristan Dane sent us this picture during the foggy day in Bendigo earlier this month.

Bendigo Highway Patrol is urging the community to take extra care when driving through morning fog.

Leading Senior Constable Todd Deary said drivers needed to use their headlights in fog regardless of the time of day.

He said drivers were taking big risks in wet, foggy weather including doing U-turns without being able to see clearly.

He said this was most dangerous for dark-coloured cars that blended too well into their surrounds.

"People for some reason take ridiculous risks in fog," Leading Senior Constable Deary said.

He said foggy conditions caused dampness on the road so drivers needed to be careful when braking to avoid skidding.

There have already been some accidents this season because of carelessness in morning fog.

"People need to give that extra bit of distance so they can brake safely on the road," he said.

He said the "rule of thumb" in traffic was to allow a two-second gap from the car in front, but in wet, foggy weather, the gap should be extended to four seconds. 

Leading Senior Constable Deary said the dangers were most easily observed on weekday mornings in central Bendigo. 

"You’ll see it along High Street at quarter to nine in the morning, they’ll be bumper to bumper." 

He said drivers were swerving into a gaps in the lane next to them hoping to make their trip faster.

"They're hoping to make up time, when they never do make up time," he said.

"If they left five minutes earlier they wouldn’t have a problem."

Leading Senior Constable Deary also said drivers should reduce speed during foggy conditions.

"Stick your headlights, give an extra gap," he said.

"Then there will be way less accidents."

He said there was no age group particularly prone to dangerous driving in fog, and it was an issue that applied to all drivers.

He said dangerous driving in fog was a problem every year. 


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