Unique furniture gets a new option at life

JENNIFER and Paul Hodson’s passion for revitalising old or discarded furniture will be on full display today when they open the doors to a new showroom.

Their business, Unique Options, specialises in salvaging and upcycling furniture.

The Hodsons have been upcycling furniture since 1994.

They usually work on commission but have branched out and set up shop in the Bendigo East Primary School in Strickland Road.

“We have always done it. We did the kids and the grandchildren’s beds and things like that,” Mrs Hodson said.

“We’ve just continued it on from there.

“I love all the old furniture, it’s got such character. It seems to have a sort of personality.”

Mr Hodson said he had always admired the Bendigo East school building and was excited to get the chance to showcase their work in the nearly 100-year-old building.

“I wanted to buy the place,” he said. “It’s 100 years old next year and we will be celebrating it.”

But despite the talent that the Hodsons have to giving old furniture a new lease on life, they would rather let the furniture speak for itself.

“One of the reasons we are doing it is to recycle old materials,” Mrs Hodson said.

“One chest of drawers has been around for 60 years and now it will be around for another 60 years.”

A lot of the furniture was almost beyond repair until Mr Hodson fixed it and Mrs Hodson added a new look to it.

The couple enjoy looking around garage sales to find items. Furniture in the showrooms include a 1920s-era chest of drawers that had been left outside too long and a cabinet that was almost 100 years old.

“If people haven’t looked after it we will take it on,” Mr Hodson said.

Mrs Hodson said the styles of furniture she and her husband upcycled were often comfort pieces of furniture.

Unique Options will celebrate its opening today at 2.30pm with a high tea.

See more pictures of the furniture at www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au

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