Golfers contest classic at Inglewood's tournament

A major event at Inglewood Golf Club's annual tournament is on this Sunday when the men's 27-hole event is played.

Golfers to assemble at 7.30am for a shotgun start at 8am.

1st tee - 8am: B. Rothacker, P. Rothacker, J. Harvey, W. Brown.

4th tee - M. Moriarty, I. Parry, D. West, A. Purdy.

5th tee  - W. Mildren, B. Poulter, S. Gilchrist, partner.

6th tee - R. Woolley, R. Martin, R. Furness, A. Gorrie.

8th tee - F. Frendo, G. Liddy, C. Jones, R. Hart.

9th tee - D. Leggett, B. White, C. Hose, D. Whitehead.

10th tee - T. Jackman, G. Young, J. Curnick, G. Curnick.

11th tee - I. Smith, S. Smith, P. Armstrong, R. Hercus.

17th tee - T. Esplin, G. Rowland, G. Chaimberlain, A, Frawley.

Entries for Sunday's play at Inglewood Golf Club can be phoned to Bev Taig on 5438 7377 or D. Vanston on 0402 231 288.