Family Fun Day hosted by State Trustees: Pictures

BENDIGO'S State Trustees is urging central Victorians to pledge a life legacy this week - as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of writing a will.

More than 50 families celebrated Live Your Legacy Day at the Bendigo Town Hall at the weekend, with a number of people placing their pledges on a special legacy tree.

State Trustees' regional manager for Bendigo Luke Bennett said too many people passed away without having taken the time to write a will. 

"Too many people pass away without having a legally valid will in place," he said.

"The importance of having a will is it gives you choice or control over what happens with your belongings and assets when you pass away.

"If you pass away without a will you don't have that choice. Your assets and belongings are given away in accordance with the law rather than your decisions."

To pledge a legacy online, visit