Good morning Bendigo - 10.06.14

Bendigo residents have woken to news of a fire at Ravenswood Junction Hotel last night.

The blaze, which took crews several hours to control, completely gutted the historic building and has left owners Coby and Joe Jansen without a home.  

It's a cold one out there this morning, with a forecast of 3 degrees in Bendigo this morning. 

Looks like a warm and sunny day ahead though, with a top of 16 degrees. 

Good news for commuters this morning, with no reported delays. 

A fire that last night gutted the historic Junction Hotel at Ravenswood has reignited this morning. 

Six fire crews brought the fire under control within an hour. 

British comedian and actor Rik Mayall, who found fame in the cult TV series The Young Ones, has died aged 56.

The star, whose portrayal of puerile anarchist Rick in the BBC comedy endeared him to a generation of viewers in the 1980s, became one of Britain's best-known comic actors.

1190: Frederick Barbarossa drowns in a river while leading an army of the Third Crusade.

1776: The Continental Congress appoints a committee to write a Declaration of Independence.

1801: Tripoli declares war on the U.S. for refusing to pay tribute.

1943: The Allies begin bombing Germany around the clock.

1999: Serb forces begin their withdrawl from Kosovo after signing an agreement with the NATO powers.

If today is your birthday, happy birthday! You share your day with Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, Faith Evans, Shane West, DJ Qualls and Jonathan Bennett. 

Two caged circus lions break free and corner a clown in his dressing room. One lion says to the other, "Forget it, those things taste funny."

Have a good day, Bendigo. 


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