Good morning Bendigo! 19.04.14

Good morning Bendigo! Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. There's plenty to see and do in Bendigo this weekend so get outdoors and make the most of it.

Partly cloudy with a top of 17 degrees.

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No reported delays. 

Taxi doors and more are slammed on blind

"When the cabbie put his hand on my face to push me out of the taxi, that was it,'' says John Quilligan. ''I went bang.''

Result: one cabbie outside the Knox shopping centre with a very sore nose.

It was the low point in a Victorian Taxi Directorate survey of Melbourne cabs that tested drivers' treatment of passengers with seeing-eye dogs.

Quilligan, who was blinded by three strokes nine years ago, says he approached eight cabs with his dog and was rebuffed seven times.

''But the taxi inspectors were right behind me,'' he said. ''Five drivers got fined, two got warnings.''

Climate change proponents using 'mediaeval' tactics: George Brandis

George Brandis has compared himself to Voltaire and derided proponents of climate change action as "believers" who do not listen to opposing views and have reduced debate to a mediaeval and ignorant level.

In an interview with online magazine Spiked, the Attorney-General also declares he has no regret for saying Australians have the right to be bigots and accuses the left of advocating censorship to enforce a morality code on the nation.

It comes as former Australian of the year Professor Fiona Stanley said climate science had been denigrated through politicisation and denial, and issued a stinging attack on the federal government for the absence of a specific department to tackle global warming.

If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with Lindsay Fox, Australian businessman (1937-); Tim Curry, British actor (1946-); Paul Reiffel, Australian cricketer (1966-); Ashley Judd, US actress (1968-); George Gregan, Australian rugby union player (1973-); Jason Gillespie, Australian cricketer (1975-); Kate Hudson, US actress (1979-); Hayden Christensen, Canadian actor (1981-); and Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player (1987-).

1689 - Death of Queen Christina of Sweden, who abdicated in 1654 because of her secret conversion to Roman Catholicism, which was proscribed in Sweden.

1856 - The Adelaide-Port Adelaide Railway was opened.

1917 - USS Magnolia sinks a German submarine to mark America's entry into World War I.

1933 - United States goes off the gold standard.

1956 - Prince Rainier of Monaco marries US film star Grace Kelly.

1989 - Death of British novelist Daphne du Maurier, author of Jamaica Inn and Rebecca.

2000 - In the country's worst aviation disaster, an Air Philippines plane crashes in the southern Philippines, killing all 131 people aboard.

2009 - Turkish Cypriot nationalists win a parliamentary election that could stifle a promising effort to reunite Cyprus, an ethnically divided Mediterranean island.

2012 - Men At Work's Greg Ham is found dead at the age of 58 in his Melbourne home. He had been angry and embarrassed about a copyright controversy over the flute riff he played on the band's global hit Down Under.

I am terrified of elevators. I'm going to start taking steps to avoid them.

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