It's time to butt out... no doubt

NEWS/POLL: Masons owner backs smoking ban

THE question of whether smoking should be allowed in Bendigo's outdoor eating areas has an easy answer... no.

Of course, there will always be two clear sides to any debate on this subject.

Smokers will defend their legal right to light up.

It's unacceptable that anyone should have to endure smoke wafting across the table as they try to enjoy a meal.

Non-smokers will label such action as a selfish invasion of their rights.

Can't argue against the opinion put forward by the non-smoking camp.

Even putting aside all the well documented health concerns around passive smoking, it's unacceptable that anyone should have to endure smoke wafting across the table as they try to enjoy a meal.

It's clearly a major turn-off and severely detracts from the enjoyment of both the meal and the atmosphere of the outdoor dining area.

Cigarette smoke lingers on clothes as a long-lasting reminder for non-smokers of what they've endured.

Ash trays are a disgusting sight for those who don't smoke.

At the end of the day, authorities have a responsibility to ensure any dining area is safe and acceptable for all customers who use it.

Eradicating smoking is the only way to achieve that for everyone.


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