Smart meters are not so smart after all 

The launch of our Get Smart about the hazards of “smart” meters campaign last Saturday went well, despite being wet and cold! 

It was held at the Guildford Music Hall and about 50 people attended. 

The low-down on the effects of “smart” meters was rather depressing, but so important. 

Hearing about the normal eight-year-old boy who suddenly became autistic, straight after the “smart” meter was installed, was heartbreaking. 

Seeing the aphids jumping on a leaf in response to pulses of radio-frequency waves was scary! 

At the end of the film we saw a quote from Dr Robert Becker, that the proliferation of electro-smog is shaping up to be more of an immediate threat to biological survival than climate change. 

I urge everyone to view this must-see film. This is the link to the Dr Klinghardt interview on You Tube:

 Senator John Madigan of the DLP attended and was most sympathetic.

He told us that other politicians he has talked to were laughing about people who complain that their health has suffered since having “smart” meters installed.

 Even the Greens don’t seem to care, despite their European counterparts being actively involved in stopping RF pollution from impacting on children in schools etc (see the wifi in schools website). 

This is despite evidence that the meters do not “save” electricity in any way, ie – forget the greenwash.

Do any of our other politicians and candidates care? 

We welcome their response! 

For more information contact the Citizens Advocating for a Safe Environment, by emailing

 Alanna Moore,



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