$488k to help locals get in shape for good health

In light of Bendigo’s recent funding as part of the Victoria Health and Sport Recreation program, Be Active, I’d love to see the development of free fitness stations at our local parks and recreational destinations. 

I think these would complement our existing outdoor exercises: walking, jogging and cycling. From a personal perspective, I am time poor and as much as I enjoy my early morning runs, stations such as these dotted around Lake Weeroona for example, would offer the diversity of strength training, endurance and flexibility.

I think they would integrate really well with the multi-generational audience we see every day at the lake, and offer a fitness experience for those supervising children on the playgrounds.

An initiative such as free outdoor fitness stations would be an opportunity to build on a space that already promotes good health, and demonstrate that there are ways to increase physical activity beyond joining sporting teams.

I’ve been running with a friend for nearly a year now and the people we share this space with vary not only in age, but fitness capacity, companionship, physicality, culture and sex, yet we all have a common goal – to improve our health and sense of well being. 

Additionally, should funding permit, increased outdoor lighting and drinking water taps would lower perceptions of risk.

My runs are the best start to a day, and so is the sense of camaraderie felt with a nod, smile or hello from a stranger enjoying the simplicity of just getting out and doing it too!


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