What is Bickley’s stance on climate change?

Mr Bickley, the Coalition is vowing to abolish the carbon “tax”. 

Former US presidential candidate and long-term  climate change activist, Al Gore, has this week stated that Tony Abbott’s “direct action” policies have failed everywhere else in the world, and that PM Gillard is to be congratulated for her “courageous” carbon pricing legislation.

 It is a first step towards reducing our carbon emissions, and moving away from outdated fossil fuel technology through investment in clean, green, renewable energy production technology.

Mr Abbott has dismissed climate change as “crap” and vocal local Coalition members repeatedly, scornfully deny climate change outright.

 They cite obscure, outdated, comprehensively debunked and bizarre “research” and the claims of blatant vested interests to justify their morally and intellectually tenuous position.

How do you respond to Mr Gore’s assertion? 

What is your understanding of anthropogenic climate change and do you accept the fact and the science of it?

Michelle Goldsmith,



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