Brides & Grooms: A memorable Vietnam wedding 

Kerry McCuskey and Stephen Turner

Wedding - Mia Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam


Kerry and Stephen met at the Brian Boru Hotel in Bendigo

in September 1998. Kerry was there to celebrate a friend’s birthday

and Stephen was there checking out the local Irish music scene. They

recall making eye contact across the bar. Kerry remembers exactly what

Stephen wore and that he was tall and handsome.


 After 11 years together, Stephen decided it was time

to propose. He had an idea of how he wanted the ring to look and his

design was refined with the help of Judy at Gold Rush Jewellers, in


Stephen suggested to Kerry that he could plan a mystery weekend

away to celebrate the end of a particularly demanding work period

for Kerry. The weekend started with dinner and a show in Melbourne,

before continuing the next day on the Mornington Peninsula. Stephen

recalls Kerry’s frustration at not knowing where they were going and

wrongly assuming that the clothes he asked her to pack indicated

that they would be playing golf.

Kerry said Stephen looked quite nervous in the Sorrento Hotel and

kept checking his watch. “Hmmmm, perhaps we have a ferry to

catch,” she thought.

Eventually, they drove to the car park above the Blairgowrie Yacht

Club. “You’re not taking me on a yacht,” Kerry protested.

“She is not taking this well,” Stephen thought, but despite Kerry’s

reservations, they boarded a private charter yacht with a skipper and

overnight berth.

Kerry took a turn at the helm and was told she needed to pull a cord.

The cord released a flag emblazoned with “Will you marry me?”

The production of the engagement ring was accompanied by a

proposal poem written by Stephen. The couple celebrated with

champagne and a gourmet food platter, with the evening spent

indulging in celebratory drinks and phoning family with the news.


Some three years later and after some gentle

nudging from their children, the couple decided to elope and take

Michael, Ben and partner Erica, Zachary, Jordannah and partner

Dave with them. The kids were sworn to secrecy and were put on

social media bans until the announcement could be made to family

and friends.

They walked from their beautiful beachside villa onto the beach at

Mia Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam, where their children were waiting,

along with Australian marriage celebrant Gail Hughes, from www.

It was a twilight wedding and the weather was perfect. The reception

was a gourmet seafood barbecue held on the beautiful secluded

beach at Mia Resort and the pair danced the night away.


The dress, bought at Myer Melbourne, was a ME too

design. It was champagne in colour and reminded Kerry of Grace

Kelly. A light feather wrap was worn on the shoulders and her

sandals were pearl-encrusted. Stephen wore white pants, a white

shirt and was barefoot.


The couple continued their honeymoon touring

Vietnam, while their children all headed off on their own adventures in


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WEDDING DAY: The Vietnam beach wedding of Kerry McCuskey and Stephen Turner. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

WEDDING DAY: The Vietnam beach wedding of Kerry McCuskey and Stephen Turner. Picture: CONTRIBUTED