Gambler jailed after theft from Subway stores

A pathological gambler who stole cash from his employer to feed his habit has been sentenced to six months’ jail, wholly suspended.

Sandy Norrie, 44, was sentenced in the Bendigo Magistrates Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to three counts of theft.

Prosecuting, Senior Constable Tony Graham said Norrie had stolen $450 while working at Subway, Castlemaine, in December 2011.

Senior Constable Graham said Norrie then took a further $450 from the Bendigo Subway store. “When he was confronted by the owner he handed (it) back but it was $200 short,” he said. 

“When he explained his circumstances he was given a second chance by his employer.”

Senior Constable Graham said Norrie was asked to take a $500 cash float to the Bendigo store three weeks later, and when that float was checked it was $280 short. “His employment was then immediately terminated,” he said.

The court heard the owner of the Subway stores was seeking $930 in restitution.

Magistrate William Gibb said Norrie had a “long history of dishonesty”.

Mr Gibb said a previous compensation order against Norrie for $4000 had never been paid.

“Last time he was in court he received six months for theft, fortunately for him that was set aside on appeal,” he said. “It seems he doesn’t learn from experience.”

Norrie’s lawyer said her client was a diagnosed “pathological gambler” which had led to his offending, but he had stopped gambling last month.

She requested Norrie not be sent to jail because he was the full-time carer for his elderly mother.

“She will be bedridden after a back operation for three to six months,” the defence lawyer said.

“His concern is she won’t be able to have that operation if he is incarcerated.”

But Mr Gibb said it was Norrie’s fault if his mother suffered because of his actions.

“It doesn’t seem you care much for anyone but yourself,” he said.

“Someone was good enough to give you a job and to begin with you stole from them not only once, but twice, and when they gave you another chance, you reward them by stealing from them again.

“You are simply a man not to be trusted, I hope employers get some insight into that.”

Mr Gibb suspended Norrie’s six month sentence for 12 months and imposed $500 fines on each of the theft charges.


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