Crisis threatens the very foundations of family

The family as such in western society today, is in a crisis which threatens its very foundations.

Many have false ideas of human nature, which equate freedom with selfishness and sexual identity as a matter of free choice. And so the family, the basic cell of society, suffers accordingly. The proper understanding of human nature is the basis of justice, peace and happiness as experience proves.

The family is not just about its social construct but about man himself. As the result of the increasingly widespread refusal to make a lifelong commitment to family life, a man remains closed in on himself and loses the essential elements of his identity and the experience of being fully human.

Studies clearly indicate that this new idea of sexuality or “gender” is no longer regarded as an element of nature, but a social role which man chooses himself. Now, a man and a woman are regarded merely free spirits and wills and interchangeable in many ways. To reject the natural duality of a man and a woman is to neglect the frailty of the natural family with serious consequences for our future populations.

A child is now regarded as a commodity to which people believe they have a “right” to obtain any way possible, if and when they wish. The wisdom of the ages of our Judeo Christian heritage is the importance of healthy family life, with generous self-sacrificing parents and good enthusiastic offspring for a burgeoning population. God bless them all. 

Fr Bernard McGrath,



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