Pool closure is a threat to our democracy

Do our city councillors see  their ideas responding to a need for greater social cohesion or do their actions threaten to bring greater social division?

 Undermining much of what has been achieved in the last century by progressive and thoughtful deliberations?

In 1869 J.S.Mill wrote about the “tyranny of the majority” a fate which residents wanting to retain some of their heritage face. 

Any government worth its salt is based on the belief that individuals and civil authority need to act in harmony, that each has a moral obligation toward each other.

 Political or municipal authority is based on the rights, liberty and equality of its citizens or it breaks the social contract that lies at the heart of authority.

The closure of the Golden Square swimming pool without  proper consultation with all residents is an act of the majority – not one councillor including the ward councillor defended the minority.

Even our political masters in Bendigo remain silent. It appears  councillors are prepared to inflict their will on those they are supposed to represent. Stifling dissent with the removal of signs and ribbons on the basis that they were causing pollution.

Is this the end of democratic values or is it just a case of modern economics failing the people?


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