Workplace sexism flying under the political radar

For many months now the federal government has maintained an attack on all forms of sexism in society. 

This attack has been based on a prime ministerial fantasy that the leader of the opposition has a fundamental difficulty in dealing with women. 

Strange then, when facts are placed before the government relating to blatant and premeditated sexism in the workforce relating to a disparity between the salaries of female and male graduates entering the work force, the silence is deafening. 

No rousing speeches, no naming and shaming of these companies and their CEOs, just silence.

We have had no line-up of female ministers condemning this practice that has been continuing from the time this government came to power and beyond.  

Where are Plibersek, Wong, Ellis, Macklin and Roxon?

These sisters of solidarity have been found missing in action, no support for their female colleagues in the workforce but unconditional support for the prime minister  in her desperate attempt to deflect scrutiny.

One would have thought that ACTU leaders such as Ged Kearney would have been at the forefront in attacking this practice that is nothing more than organisational discrimination against aspiring women. This government has no power to change any persons mindset on any issue. 

It does, however, have the power to stamp out discrimination in the workplace based on gender or any other issue. Why do we pay such large salaries to those administering FWA when they appear to be just a bunch of toothless tigers?

Would Lisa Chesters have continued seeking  a political career had she realised that male staffers in a politician’s office earned more than herself ? 

I think not. So why does she not speak out on behalf of others in areas such as building and architecture who are facing this discrimination?

David Arscott

Kangaroo Flat


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