Let them build units, but not in heritage areas 

Are our heritage advisers getting it badly wrong or have we just elected a council that seems hellbent on bowing to developers who simply want to buy up old homes, knock them over and put up units?

Let them put up units by all means, but insist that they get out of heritage areas and do it. 

Is our council keen to repeat the mistakes of the 1960s when we lost untold buildings and verandahs?

The councillor comments that were quoted in the Bendigo Advertiser this week smacked of arrogance and lack of sensitivity. 

On another related matter, have we seen an image of that gigantic structure that is being erected in front of Rosalind Park so that early morning drunks don’t have to stagger more than a few steps to find a taxi or a toilet? 

Some years ago Daryl McClure managed to reopen vistas of the park, getting rid of structures such as the Baby Health Centre, etc. 

Did heritage advisers have input?

John Morton,

Quarry Hill


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