Smear campaign takes Parliament to new low

REGARDING Donna Petrovich’s letter to the Advertiser, December 4, as a Labor MP I find MP Tony Abbott and Julie Bishops’ constant referring to or implying that our Prime Minister is a liar and a criminal extremely offensive, especially whilst failing to make any specific allegations or provide any evidence to support such outrageous assumptions. 

Ms Petrovichs’ letter ignores the fact that unlike Abbott and Bishop I have apologised for my comment.

Abbott and Bishop have continued to smear the Prime Minister with outrageous slurs against her name. 

Tony Abbott was provided with the opportunity to make allegations and provide evidence supporting his assumptions under parliamentary privilege at the start of question time in the House of Representatives on Thursday, November 29.

He not only failed to substantiate his slurs but hid behind Bishop in a cowardly fashion while she continued to make the same smearing implications without any supporting evidence.

And, of course there is no mention that a police investigation into the matters that caused those outrageous accusations (the so called AWU affair) more than 17 years ago resulted in no charges being laid against anyone involved.

Outrageous but concocted indignation by local Liberals and their apologists won’t hide the simple truth that Abbott and Bishop have taken our national Parliament to a new low in our history without the slightest sign of remorse or embarrassment.

I can’t recall the same outrage by the same people when New England MP Tony Windsor revealed that Tony Abbott had said to him during negotiations prior to his deciding which party he would support to form government after the 2010 election, that he (Abbott) would do anything to be prime minister except sell (part of his anatomy) – an appalling comment that Abbott has never denied making.

The hypocrisy of Abbott, Bishop and their local apologists leaves me breathless. 

Especially after former journalist Margot Kingston reminded us of Tony Abbott’s involvement in setting up and then denying the existence of a slush fund to use against the One Nation party in 1998.

 According to Fairfax Media Abbott also refused to say where the almost $100,000 the fund raised came from (“Abbott set up slush fund to ruin Hanson”, front page of The Sydney Morning Herald on August 26, 2003). 

Steve Gibbons MP

Federal member for Bendigo


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