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WHEN Junette Phillips discovered her granddaughter Mietta would be starting prep at Quarry Hill Primary School she was excited. 

Mietta will be the fourth generation of her family to attend the primary school.

She will follow in the footsteps of her mother, Joanne Livingstone who started in 1972, her grandmother Junette, who started about 1949 and her great grandfather Alf Harris, who started in 1908. 

Mrs Phillips said it was a special moment when Joanne told her Mietta would be attending the school.

"It such a lovely, clean place," she said. 

"I remember my school days lining up in the quadrangle and singing the national anthem.

"It's a beautiful school."

Mrs Phillips said she can remember walking home from school to eat lunch and then returning for afternoon classes. 

"It was only just around the corner," she said. 

"It took about three minutes to get home.

"Joanne used to come home too."

She said her brother Tom Harris also attended the school about 1947 and later returned as a teacher.

Mrs Livingstone said Mietta was the youngest of five children.

"I don't think I will be sad," she said. 

"She is a very capable learner and definitely ready for school."

Mrs Phillips said her father would be very excited by the news his great granddaughter was attending Quarry Hill Primary School. 

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