Bendigo woman traumatised after savage dog attack

A 71-YEAR-OLD woman is recovering from bite marks on her hands and bruises to her hips and legs after a distressing dog attack in Ascot on Wednesday night. 

Lynette Simon fell to the ground as she tried to protect her six-year-old Maltese terrier Lucy from a Staffordshire bull terrier in Elandra Drive at 8.15pm.

Lucy sustained muscle damage and bruising to her right front leg while Ms Simon was taken to Bendigo Hospital.

Her wedding ring was bent and had to be cut off. Ms Simon said she was walking when two women yelled at her to pick up Lucy as an uncollared dog had just attacked their pet.

She picked up Lucy but the dog jumped up and grabbed hold of Lucy’s leg.

Ms Simon fell to the ground before neighbours contained the dog and called the police.

Ms Simon was taken to Bendigo Hospital by ambulance.

She said she was traumatised by the incident. “I’m absolutely worn out trying to fight the dog,” she said.

“I keep thinking of things I could have done, but it happened so quickly.”

Ms Simon urged pet owners to take responsibility for their animals.

“Now I’m worried walking down the street. 

“There shouldn’t be any dogs roaming the street.

“You shouldn’t have to pick up your dog when you see another dog on the road.”

City of Greater Bendigo Council co-ordinator of animal services, Anthony Schofield, said the Staffordshire bull terrier was in the pound.

He said the council was still investigating the circumstances but had been in contact with the owner.

Mr Schofield said it was a reminder of the importance of being a responsible pet owner and to keeping dogs secure at their properties. 

“These sorts of incidents are quite distressing to everyone involved,” he said.

He urged anyone to report any incidents or dogs wandering the streets to the council.

Lynette Simon and Lucy after they were both attacked by a dog on Wednesday night.

Lynette Simon and Lucy after they were both attacked by a dog on Wednesday night.