Gotye's mirrored vision

MELBOURNE musician Gotye began his recording career in his bedroom under a number of mattresses to help sound quality.Almost three albums later, the mattresses remain but he has upgraded himself to a barn in the Mornington Peninsula.According to Gotye (whose real name is Wally de Backer), he is being held up on the last track of his new album.“I have a guest vocal spot for a female and I am trying to find the right voice,” he said.“I am hoping (to release the album) in June or early July and have another single in the meantime.”The first single from Wally’s third album (titled Making Mirrors) was Eyes Wide Open.After a shaky start, positive reviews and a receptive audience saw it reach the top 25 of the Triple J Hottest 100.“I have been working on it for about two years, so I’m heading to my usual time period (for creating an album),” Wally said.“I felt a bit down when I released the single because it got lukewarm reviews but it is interesting how different people’s perspective is about music.”Making Mirrors will be a highly varied album in terms of music and Wally has worked hard to find a peculiar logic for an interesting journey.“It will be similar to my last album (Like Drawing Blood) in that it will be diverse but I have gone to studios to do heaps of drum takes and then gone home to edit it,” he said.“I have got my friend Michael on board with it but I have to wait for him to be free, so it has taken time.”The title of the album came to Wally after he discovered an old watercolour drawing that his father drew 20 years ago.“My other record titles come after the artwork, and this was no exception, “ he said.“I chanced upon this beautiful, amazing drawing, tinkered with it on Photoshop and turned it into the album artwork.“The mirror reflects on artwork and it is all very related to self-reflection and introspection on the album.”While Making Mirrors won’t be released until midway through the year, audiences will get more of a taste of it when Gotye performs at Groovin the Moo in Bendigo on April 30.“There will be a four-piece band, including a drummer other than myself,” he said.“I’ll be less tied (to the drums) and able to play a mix of old and newer stuff as well as premiering two new songs from the album.”The release of the album along with the intention of playing more live music at concerts and festivals means that Gotye is aiming high and at the international market.“I hope this is only the beginning, if things go well I’m hoping to expand the four-piece band into a version of mini orchestra,” he said.“So it will be a 10 or 12 piece band, playing all the music completely live and without backing tracks.“It’s a big challenge I have set for myself but, along with the visual aesthetic, it’s something I hope to take overseas and showcase.Despite his ambitious aspirations, Gotye said his enjoyment of music was a big motivator.“(Music) is such a different thing for a career, from my early 20s is was doing demos and sending them to Triple J,” he said.“I thought I’d give it a go as an alternative to studying or working in a cafe.“There’s that interesting balance of playing full-time to pay the bills versus playing when you feel you have the chance.” - Gotye will play at Groovin the Moo in Bendigo on April 30.

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