Ghosts haunt Glenys to this day

GLENYS Biggs ain't afraid of no ghosts.That does not make her a ghostbuster, rather Ms Biggs describes herself as an interested observer and a student of spiritual goings-on.In fact, this paramour of poltergeists wants to write a book about her experiences and those of other Bendigo residents.She recently placed a public notice in The Advertiser and has received a few calls from people who have witnessed unexplained events in their homes.One contributor to her collection of tales of the unexpected recalled working alone late at night on a building renovation, hearing someone coughing loudly, then being overcome with a deep sense of foreboding.What makes this story scary, sort of, was the fact that the building was once used as a convalescent home for TB patients.But it is Ms Biggs' own stories that should make for some interesting reading.From the mid-60s until five years ago, Ms Biggs and her family lived in a rambling old three-level house in Reserve Street, Eaglehawk.The house was built on the site of Bright's slaughter yard.Life was normal until the Biggs family began to renovate the kitchen and bathroom."Crockery would come flying out of the cupboards," Ms Biggs said. "It happened quite a bit, but I was never frightened."Ms Biggs said her young daughters at the time experienced similar events, with radios, hairdryers and lights switching off.But the most eerie of all was the sighting of a young boy holding a bucket, and a maid dressed in early 1900s garb."The girls would see the boy at the end of their beds," Ms Biggs said.Although Ms Biggs never saw these apparitions herself, she has since researched the history of her former home and discovered that a little boy drowned in a disused well on the site.Years after the first sighting, a psychic friend stayed at the home and dreamt about the boy."He told me the next day the boy kept asking 'where's my bucket?'" Once the renovations stopped, so did most of the activity in the household, until Ms Biggs' husband died in 1992."We were all sitting around the dining table making the funeral arrangements and settled on a 1 o'clock service," she said."Then at 1pm that day my husband's mantel clock - which had never worked, and has never worked since - chimed."It chimed once that day ... and never chimed again." If you have a tale to tell, you can contact Glenys Biggs by emailing or call 5443 9435 or 0437 101 797.

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