Beer truck gets wedged under bridge

A Castlemaine-based company’s truck, laden with beer, has been towed away after it became trapped for several hours under bridge in Sydney's west.

The Thompson’s Transport B-double truck got stuck on Arthur Street in Granville, under a bridge which is part of the M4, at about 9.45am on Tuesday.

The driver was not injured.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services said 4.23-metre truck was "off-route" when it tried to drive under the 3.7-metre low-clearance bridge, which had a sign on it.

The front of the truck became wedged under the concrete bridge, buckling sideways and pulling the right-hand side of the truck's cab into the air.

Part of the truck's first trailer was also tipped sideways, with its right-side tyres off the ground.

The street was taped off as police and emergency services responded.

Two crews from Fire and Rescue NSW responded to the scene, with the first arriving within five minutes.

"The initial report came through saying [the truck] was carrying beer," a Fire and Rescue spokesman said. 

Crews found the truck stuck at an angle under the bridge, with a minor spill nearby. They remained until just before 1pm, when the truck was righted and heavy towing equipment was brought in.

A representative from the WestConnex project also responded to the scene, to see if the bridge had sustained any damage.

In a statement, Roads and Maritime Services said heavy vehicle inspectors and police are "continuing investigations" after the truck hit the bridge.

"NSW police issued infringements and further penalties may follow," a spokesman said. "The truck has been removed and work is being carried out to ensure the bridge is safe."

 – The Sydney Morning Herald