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OFFENSIVE: Letter-writer Phil Gluyas says the screening of controversial documentary Vaxxed in Castlemaine is an insult to people with autism.

OFFENSIVE: Letter-writer Phil Gluyas says the screening of controversial documentary Vaxxed in Castlemaine is an insult to people with autism.

Give insulting anti-vaxxer film the flick

I am directing this message to the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF).

I ask that you cancel the screening of Vaxxed. The film is fictional and an offence to all autistics, including myself.

We are not vaccine damaged and we take offence to such a label.

It has been proven that vaccines have nothing to do with autism - there are at least four autistics that lived before the very first vaccine (smallpox) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Victor (the Wild Boy of Aveyron), Gottfried Mind and Jedidiah Buxton.

Andrew Wakefield was struck off the British medical register due to his lies, and William Thompson was severely misrepresented by Brian Hooker and taken entirely out of context intentionally.

Thompson at one point was going to sue Hooker for defamation before recognising that misrepresentation wasn't defamation by law I believe.

This film isn't just controversial, it is slanderous against the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and against the origins of autism - a genetic condition present from birth and not related at all to any vaccine, let alone the MMR.

It is not in the public interest to show this film.

It is, in fact, against the public interest to show it because it has an adverse effect on the autistic community and by default trivialises the condition that still struggles to be understood, accepted and treated with respect, as well as flying in the face of the current state government inquiry into supports for those affected by autism.

By showing this film, you are insulting the entire autistic community.

Do not ask me or anyone else to see the film. It shouldn't be seen by anyone because it is one long lie by a group of people who have been duping fragile parents for years.

Wakefield, Hooker and Bigtree should be arrested and charged with incitement of child neglect and hate speech.

You should not ferment this lie any further. It needs to be shut down and that is what is in the public interest.

Phil Gluyas, Ballarat

Popular pool letting down its users

Recently we took our four grandchildren for a swim to Eaglehawk. We were very disappointed that heating in the hydro pool was broken down and the water was cool. Then, there was no water slide.

First day of school holidays – not good enough!

Rhonda Diss, Kangaroo Flat

Prime Minister Turnbull lacks leadership skills

When our illustrious PM says follow us, I think of the Dunning–Kruger effect, in which low ability individuals mistakenly assess their ability as much higher than it really is. 

We have our PM saying to follow his lead, his lead in continuing to break our international obligations, holding people illegally with indefinite detention, lying to the public that Australia has no responsibility for the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island yet we are paying nearly $1 billion a year.

Yes, the world should follow our lead in ignoring our duty of care to mental and physical torture, sexual abuse of men, women and children and allowing the abusers to escape justice. 

Allowing your country to suffering the humiliation and condemnation of the UNHCR, medical experts, charity groups worldwide. 

Follow his support for a minister who says people self-immolate simply to get to Australia.  

Yes, the world should follow us, is indeed a delusion. A delusion that demonstrates our PM is indeed suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. 

A delusion so great that we would be justified in calling Malcolm our sub-prime minister.

Gregory Clark, Woodend

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