Creek Street Christian College to restructure

CREEK Street Christian College last night announced its plans to restructure the school in 2013.

As part of the changes, the college will be divided into three sections: a junior, middle and senior school.

Principal Coral Maxwell said the decision to introduce a middle school – made up of grades 5 and 6 and year 7 – was made to ease the transition for students entering secondary education.

“Even though we are all on the same campus, our students still find it difficult moving into what was traditionally called a secondary department,” she said.

“We were concerned about our students going into year 7.

“They don’t always cope well. 

“Some do, but there are a lot of things for them to learn once they make that change so we are trying to gradually increase the load for them.”

In 2013, middle school students will be encouraged to take a more “hands-on” approach to their schooling, with a greater variety of subjects, specialised teachers and different learning spaces.

Each year group will also be assigned a home teacher and move towards the use of more embedded technologies in class.

“I think it makes it more exciting for the students too,” Mrs Maxwell said.

“There will be a lot more leadership opportunities available to them.

“But the most important thing is that they will become independent learners more early on. 

“They are going to be gradually eased into looking after their own learning, organising their own study and preparation for each class.” 

Mrs Maxwell said the college’s single campus and prep to year 10 structure meant that bridging the junior and senior school could be made a reality.

“Many other schools would not have that option – you have to be a prep to 10 school to even consider it,” she said.

“It’s all part of doing what’s best for our students.”

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