DONALD v CHARLTON - 2.30pm Saturday at Donald.

Last time: Round 7, 2014: Charlton 18.17 (125) d Donald 3.8 (26).

Since 2009: Donald 9; Charlton 6.

DONALD: no respite for the winless Royals, who now cop second-placed Charlton fresh off a bye.

CHARLTON: won five of their past six and continue to hold onto second spot from St Arnaud.

WEDDERBURN v BIRCHIP-WATCHEM - 2.30pm Saturday at Wedderburn.

Last time: Round 7, 2014: Wedderburn 15.9 (99) d Birchip-Watchem 7.10 (52).

Since 2009: Wedderburn 13; Birchip-Watchem 3.

WEDDERBURN: take on Birchip-Watchem, who they have won 13 in a row against by average of 67.

BIRCHIP-WATCHEM: won three in a row, and now chasing first victory over Wedderburn since 2009.

ST ARNAUD v BOORT - 2.30pm Saturday at St Arnaud.

Last time: Round 7, 2014: Boort 15.9 (99) d St Arnaud 14.10 (94).

Since 2009: Boort 10; St Arnaud 3.

ST ARNAUD: coach James McNamee been their best player each of the past three games.

BOORT: were 4-2 after first six games, but just 2-4 over their past six and now out of the top four.