CBD roof stunt just so dangerous

A GROUP of teenagers used the top of the VideoEzy building in Mitchell Street for their own amusement on Thursday... what were they thinking?

The teenagers appeared across the roof from the direction of the Westpac bank.

Three jumped to the corrugated iron roof of the VideoEzy building while the other stood watch.

For more than 10 minutes the trio walked across the roof and played a game of flipping over the point and sliding down the other side.

They would then reappear and slide down again. 

Why? That's the question. What possibly motivates teenagers to think this was a good idea?

These teenagers probably regarded their antics as a bit of harmless fun, but did they stop for a second to think about the danger?

These teenagers probably regarded their antics as a bit of harmless fun, but did they stop for a second to think about the danger?

Did they think about the ramifications of a careless slip?

They were also treading a fine line in regards to trespass laws.

No doubt the building owner wouldn't have been too thrilled about his liability should something bad have happened.

Thankfully, this episode ended without incident.

Next time those involved might not be so lucky.

Be responsible.

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