Bring on inter-league

HOT FORM: Mitch Dole in action for Sandhurst at the Queen Elizabeth Oval. Picture: JULIE HOUGH

HOT FORM: Mitch Dole in action for Sandhurst at the Queen Elizabeth Oval. Picture: JULIE HOUGH

KA: Well Doley, this week it has just been about one thing in sport, inter-league. 

After a long  build up, it is finally here. 

The teams have been announced and the captains have been named. 

Now we just have to wait and watch it all unfold. 

Can Bendigo do it? Can it win against Gippsland on Saturday afternoon?

ND: Home-ground advantage is a huge plus for Bendigo.

The line-ups have changed dramatically since their last battle, but Bendigo did beat Gippsland when they last met on the QEO.

Like the look of the BFL's onball division led by in-form ruckmen Tim Martin and Tom Waters, and an attack boasting Stephen Milne and Mitch Dole. 

Conditions may be greasy which could curb Gippsland's marking power to some extent.

KA: The BFL team does look like a good one and hopefully the team can gel together. 

I am sure Bendigo won't have it all their own way, Gippsland will look to put in a good fight. 

But like our Blue Heelers loving Westy said in his mini-column on Thursday, it is all about taking your opportunities. 

If Bendigo doesn't take its chances then they will continue to slide down the AFL Victoria Country rankings ladder.

ND: The only time Westy has liked blue is watching Blue Heelers.

Although it's fiction, Westy shed a tear when the final episode was run.

Time to get serious again, Magpie.

No matter what level of footy, it's all about captitalising near goal, efficiency when in possession, and pressure when the opposition has the ball.

Game plans are more sophisticated now Magpie, but keep it simple worked for the likes of teams coached by Tom Hafey, Allan Jeans and Collingwood legend Jock McHale.  

KA:  Keeping it simple is definitely the key. 

But I am not sure if Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt keeps things simple. 

He put his foot in his mouth again and Damian Hardwick isn't too happy. 

I feel sorry for Jack, he is one of only a rare few who speaks candidly and honestly about the game. 

There should be more players like Jack in the AFL. 

ND: Already enough heat on Richmond and Jack has added fuel to the fire.

Can completely understand coach Hardwick's frustration, but also agree with you about players not always giving the cliched answer.

Pockets would be full for a dollar everytime I have heard a player say 'yeah, no' or 'at the end of the day'.

KA: One week at a time gets thrown around a bit, too. 

I understand teams want to keep things close to their chest and in-house but fans want more from players. 

They want to know more about their favourite players and want to know more about what's happening at their club. 

Times are a changing Doley. 

ND: Too right, and not always for the better. 

Heat's on your Magpies, too, when they tackle West Coast at the 'G'.

I'm expecting Travis Cloke, who you have hailed a superstar, to finally strike form in a Pies win.

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