Rockers' royally good show

IT IS clear within a few minutes of chatting to Melbourne band Kingswood that they like to have fun.

If there was any doubt, their set at Groovin' the Moo  confirmed it.

GTM was the festival that helped launch the four-piece band in 2012.

"One of our best shows last year was the 10am spot we did in the Moolin Rouge last year," guitarist Alex Laska said.

Kingswood's Alex Laska

Kingswood's Alex Laska

"The same day we opened for Aerosmith, so it was a good day."

They return to this year's festival with a still raw but much more professional sounding set.

"Is (Bendigo) not the home of GTM?" lead singer Fergus Linacre said.

"I think it sold out straight away, it's the heart of GTM and everyone is dressed up out there (ready for a good time)."

There is a randomness in their conversations with the crowd that makes them thoroughly entertaining.

From awkwardly promoting safe sex to encouraging crowd make out sessions and even dressing up their roadies, the band is there to put on a great show.

"Getting on stage is one of the best experiences in the world," Alex said.

Kingswood's set gave us a taste of their new album, which comes out next month, as well as letting the crowd sing along to their favourite tunes.

"It's one of those things where we finished recording it and mastering and mixing takes time," Alex said.

"Because it's your first album, you're so overly perfectionist about it."

They finished up their set with a spectacular singalong where lead singer Fergus stage dived and sang from the middle of a pulsating crowd.

For Kingswood, the rest of the year also includes Australia's biggest music festival, Splendour in the Grass in Queensland.

One of many memorable sets GTM is so renowned for.

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