Good morning Bendigo! 04.05.14

Good morning Bendigo! Did you head along to Groovin' the Moo yesterday? Check out PICTURES: Faces at Groovin' the Moo 2014


Partly cloudy with a top of 14 degrees.

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No reported delays. 


Kids tracked by GPS watch

Anxious parents are using technology to monitor every movement their children make, hoping to give them a semblance of independence while not compromising their safety.

The latest gadget to cater to parents’ desire for eternal vigilance is the TicTocTrack, a watch designed for kids that is fitted with a GPS tracking device. It will be launched at the CeBit technology conference at Sydney Olympic Park on Monday.

The watch is an advance on GPS-enabled pager-type devices that can be clipped to a child’s backpack or kept in their pocket.

There are also mobile phone apps that allow parents to track family members’ location via their phone and see movements from previous days, and security apps like FBI Child ID, created by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which allows parents to store a photo of their child and identifying details for quick access in the event the child ever goes missing.

Abbott government faces another conflict of interest scandal

The Abbott government faces another conflict of interest scandal after it was discovered that an adviser to the Indigenous Affairs Minister, Nigel Scullion, held a majority financial stake in a business that operated within the minister's portfolio.

Only months after the conflict of interest controversy that forced the resignation of Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash's chief of staff, Alastair Furnival, Senator Scullion faces a similar problem in his office.

Under the government's strict rules, ministerial advisers – who have influence over government policies – must not be involved in businesses that could profit from ministerial decisions. 


If today is your big day, happy birthday! 

You share a birthday with artist Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655 -1731), golfer Rory MciLroy and movie actress Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993)


1898 - Bread riots erupt in Milan, Italy, and are crushed with heavy loss of life.

1970 - Queen officially opens the new international terminal at Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport.

1988 - The White House acknowledges that first lady Nancy Reagan used astrological advice to help schedule her husband's activities.

2000 - Four hostages held by Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines are killed when government troops stumble upon the group.

2006 - An Armenian airliner carrying 113 people tumbles into the Black Sea harbor of the Russian resort of Sochi; Death of Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods, aged 74.

2007 - At least 21 workers - most of them foreigners - are kidnapped in separate attacks in Nigeria's oil-rice delta region, leaving a Nigerian soldier dead.

2008 - Cyclone Nargis strikes Burma, killing at least 78,000 and leaving 56,000 others missing.

2011 - An international assessment says the ice of Greenland and the rest of the Arctic is melting faster than expected and could help raise global sea levels by as much as 1.5 metres this century, dramatically higher than earlier projections.


Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water? A: On a map! 

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