Police reduce road trauma

Drivers still break law despite warning

POLICE say they achieved their aim of reducing road trauma during the Easter and Anzac Day period but are disappointed with the number of people still breaking the law. 

Police detected 776 speeding drivers and 85 people driving without a licence in central Victoria during a 13-day period from April 15. 

Thirty-one drivers were caught not wearing a seatbelt while 50 people were found talking on their mobile phones during the operation.

More than 27,000 drivers in central Victoria were breathalysed during the operation, with police detecting 22 drink drivers. 

Bendigo Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Paul Gardiner said he was satisfied with the overall behaviour of drivers during the recent holiday period.  

"There were no fatal collisions over the period of the operation," he said. 

"Road users' behaviour was mostly very positive and drivers were courteous."

Senior Sergeant Gardiner said 22 people were detected drink driving in Bendigo, with more than 11,000 breath tests conducted. 

He said this was significantly lower than the state strike rate, where one in 469 drivers were caught driving over the legal alcohol limit. 

"Bendigo's strike rate was better than double that of the state," he said. 

Bendigo's strike rate was better than double that of the state. - Paul Gardiner

"That was positive.

"Considering we did as many tests as we did the ratio was significantly better.

"This is pleasing we are catching less drink drivers."

However Senior Sergeant Gardiner said it was disappointing to detect drivers speeding, talking on their mobile phones and not wearing seat belts. 

"Drink driving is still very prevalent," he said. 

"We will continue to target offences." 

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