Tradition a time for reflection

ANZAC Day is a time for reflection for Greg Westhead. 

Mr Westhead, a Warrant Officer Class 1, served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iraq and said he had lost some good mates to conflict. 

"It is a time to remember and reflect," he said. 

"To remember some of the good mates I've lost over the years and to reflect on the previous servicemen, and what they did.

"But also to get together with a lot of ex-servicemen within the area - I was born and bred in Bendigo." 

Mr Westhead said in the last 12 years of his service, he rarely returned home. 

"(My wife) is the one I feel for the most," he said. 

"We have all our mates over there, we know what we are doing day-to-day.

"Although modern technology with mobile phones, the internet, in war (irrespective of where you are) ... it is not just a case of pulling up a laptop or a mobile phone.

"Mobile phones are not allowed, the internet you have got very restricted access to. 

"There would be days where my wife wouldn't hear from me for 12, 15 days.

"It is hard on them."

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