Jimmy Possum staff get active and healthy

STAFF at Jimmy Possum are stepping outdoors with the aim of getting active. 

Eighty-four staff from sites across the state, including the Bendigo factory, have started a 12 week-long Jimmy Possum FILTHY challenge. 

The challenge requires staff to form teams of four and record their individual daily steps and exercise times. 

Staff also keep track of their alcohol consumption and food choices. 

Jimmy Possum director Margot Spalding said the challenge encouraged staff to take control of their health and get physically active. 

"It's another part of the ongoing health program for staff at Jimmy Possum," she said.  

"Our health program started over 10 years ago with simple ideas such as focusing on increasing staff members' daily water consumption and has grown from there. 

"Over the years we have seen significant changes in the lifestyle habits of our staff as a direct result of the health program."

Ms Spalding said the original concept for the challenge was developed in 2010. 

"I was very aware that our workforce was, at the stage, largely comprised of young men," she said. 

"Young men like competition so we created some simple rules which encouraged teamwork and promoted healthy competition."

This is the challenge's third year and will span three months. 

"There is a longer focus with the aim of creating sustainable and long-term lifestyle changes," Ms Spalding said. 

Ms Spalding said the challenge was co-ordinated during autumn and winter - a time that people find being active difficult. 

She said participants gain points by keeping track of their steps, exercise, healthy eating and limited alcohol consumption. 

Ms Spalding said staff had seen results, with many loosing weight and reducing their risk of serious health conditions. 

Jimmy Possum has stores in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. 

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