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YESTERDAY I took part in the Vision Australia Easter Egg Hunt and it was a learning curve. 

I, like everyone else in the adult section, was required to wear a blindfold. 

The purpose - to understand what it feels like to be visually impaired.

My conclusion - I found it extremely difficult

I struggled to navigate myself through the straw.


I felt disorientated and self-conscious.

The experience put into perspective how much I take my sight for granted. 

While one of the lovely Vision Australia staff members helped guide me during the hunt, I still found it difficult to process the direction and then do it. 

I was only blindfolded for 10 minutes and cannot even start to imagine what it must be like to be visually impaired indefinitely. 

But thanks to the support of organisations such as Vision Australia, people who are vision impaired, are able to live their lives independently. 

They are able to go to school, work and grow into the successful people they were destined to be. 

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