Mandurang finishes on top

MANDURANG has come out on top after competing at the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria Rural State Championships in Geelong.

Junior leader/coach Greame Pearce posed for a photo with his group of young champions on Thursday.

"We had two teams compete - there was a team in 11 to 15 age group and there was a team in 11 to 13 age group," he said.

"The 11 to 15s won three of the events, second in another one, and the 11 to 13s who are in their first year of competition got a third place ... so the combined points over the weekend made us the Champion Junior Brigade in the state.

"We hold that title until next year when we'll try and do it all again.

"We've never had that before, we've never been the Champion Junior Brigade.

"We're just pleased we were able to compete so well."

Mr Pearce said the young competitors worked well as a team.

"The whole key to it with the competitions is that we use equipment that's used on the fire field," Mr Pearce said.

"All the hoses we use are just normal fire fighting hoses and the trailer pumps that we use are a replica of the back of a fire truck.

"The idea is you're training juniors to become seniors and we're looking for a flow through from juniors to seniors and for them to become good firefighters.

"It's a great team sport."

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