Julie's space in the lane

A new mural is underway in Chancery Lane this week as Julie Andrews paints her way through time and space.

"This project sets out to produce a large painted abstract mural directly onto a rendered wall in Chancery Lane in central Bendigo as a means of activating a public space," she said.

The mural featuring softly coloured bubbles in varying sizes covers the wall at the end of the lane adjacent El Gordo cafe. 

Julie took inspiration from her time studying for her masters in analytical psych. 

"My inspiration came from exploring the space in between other spaces, transpace" she said.

"...because it's a lane it's an in between space and in that there's an opportunity to stop and think.

"...a place for remembering, noticing, daydreaming, possibilities and imagining.

"My work is often abstract and includes large gestural marks, stencilled shapes and floating circles to suggest a portal for reflection and contemplation."

Julie describes her work as contemporary abstract art.

She hopes to contrast this with the paper scenes at the other end of the lane.

"This proposal offers diversity to the public works currently offered," she said. 

Julie said the mural would not be possible if it weren't for help from the City of Greater Bendigo council, Greater Bendigo tourism, UFS Dispensary, MGR accountants, GPO, El Gordo cafe and Jill Cantwell from Jools for Jim.

The Chancery lane art space is constantly evolving and hosting new additions from local artists.

The mural is proposed to be finished by the 12th of April.

There day will celebrate Bendigo's developing art culture.

The Bendigo Advertiser will continue to update readers on the murals progress.

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